Reset Your Project Deadlines

Deadlines should focus your attention. It should be the line when the website must be complete. These days the business world treats them more like calendar dates. Like writing an appointment in pencil, it’s easy to move around. That is not a way to launch a product.

Because software is fluid and can be amended does not mean that your deadline can. A deadline is a rallying cry. It demands that you prioritize your most important things. Wish for more time. Want more time. But you don’t get more. Pick what’s most essential and what you can complete before the deadline and you hit it. Credit card processing for your store is required but the newsletter is not. Sleep is required but networking events are not. No excuses. You either hit it or you don’t.

If you can’t meet a deadline, don’t pick it.

At 8:00pm Central Standard Time your product is going to be featured on national television to millions of people. At 9:00 it’ll be over. Now that’s a deadline. Treat your projects that way and you’ll make all the stakeholders feel better.


Investors Value Their Time

You can learn a lot from a single sentence. It’s easy to spot one of those lessons when it completely changes your perspective. I watched one of those moments unfold for an entrepreneur on last week’s episode of Shark Tank. An entrepreneur was countering Daymond John’s offer. She thought he was undervaluing her business.

That’s when it came. Daymond said he wasn’t putting a value on her business. He was putting a value on his time. He was asking for enough equity to cover his time. In this case it was 30%. He needed 30% of the business to make it worth his time. With all the startup buzz focussed around money, it’s easy to forget money isn’t the only investment.

Time. We don’t all get the same amount but we all get the same opportunity to invest it. entrepreneurs frequently overlook this but angel investors are worried about their time more than their money. The investment isn’t just a check. There’s time spent listening to the pitch, time closing the deal, time reading updates, time providing advice, time spent making introductions, and that’s if all goes according to plan. The time they spend with your company is time they can’t spend elsewhere. As a startup, you need to consider the time you’re asking for as well as the money. If you don’t, you may not get either.

Think Startups Need Salespeople?

Startups and SalesStartups need sales but do they need sales reps? Sales are a key vital sign of a business. It’s like taking your temperature. Too hot or too cold and you’re in trouble. A lack of sales is a warning sign that things need to change.

Hire a sales rep. Right? Maybe not. Hiring a salesperson for a startup requires a lot of thought and planning. If it’s not the right time, you run the risk of distracting your team, wasting money, and disappointing potential customers.

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