Michael is an expert in business strategy and operations who partners with CEOs, executives and solopreneurs to grow their companies.

Michael has spent over a decade advising and investing in startups after founding two companies himself. Through all the successes and lessons he realized one key thing, there is no blueprint. Startup success requires a framework that lets you adapt and be agile to the challenges ahead while still keeping a focus on the bigger goals ahead.

Michael started his career in business Ops consulting. After his second startup was acquired, he joined Mark Cuban Companies where he launched 32 products & services and advised over 150 startups. He joined Google in 2015 to build the strategy and operations model for the Cloud Startup program. Most recently, he spent the last 2 years building a B2B App Compatibility program for Android’s top developers.

Michael is currently founder and CEO of product studio, Smeisty, Co.

Michael is an active mentor with several accelerators, including Techstars, and an advisor to several companies. When he's not working, he enjoys hiking, coffee, and building furniture.

Michael Jhonstone
Founder, Smeisty Co.